• Family Center with arcade, television, games, rentals, and so much more.
  • Adult Center with Free Wifi, comfortable sofas, Television, Pool table, and books!
  • Beach Bonfire Pits with free wood
  • Bar-B-Ques located at every Cabin

Outdoor Activities

  • Fishing on the Lake
  • Horseback riding for all ages
  • Shooting/Archery Ranges
  • Hiking, Exploring, and Sightseeing
  • Frisbee Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, and Volleyball 

Community Events

  • BINGO on most Friday nights and Saturday Afternoons ($3 per card, and Pull Tabs are also available!)
  • Breakfast Club
  • Holiday celebrations including parades
  • Live Music on selected Saturday Nights (View Schedule)


We are so happy that you will be coming to the R-Ranch in the Sequoias. To make your arrival smooth, please be sure to print and fill out the “Hold Harmless Form” and bring one copy for security AND a second copy for Stables if you are going to ride horses. Non-owners will have to have you owner friend’s information on the forms and can only be on the ranch while the owner is present. Additionally, if non-related minors are coming, we need to have the “minors medical release” signed by the non-related minor’s parent or legal guardian before they can participate in any of the activities such as horse riding, archery, boating, gun range and paintball/airsoft. The medical release should also be brought as two copies, one for security and one for the office and will be placed in the responsible owner’s file.