Adventure Awaits


R-Ranch offers a unique experience for watching surrounding wildlife.  Deers regularly lounge on the property.  We typically see several fawns each summer/fall.  There are bear, raccoon, fox and mountain lion activity at night.

Now you know why we have "Bear Proof" Dumpsters.
Pretty doe.
Beautiful, healthy buck.
Bullfrog at the Stables - There are lots and lots of them . . . a whole chorus in the Lake.
Gray Squirrel
Deer just hanging out . . . we are pretty sure they have figured out their is no hunting in town.
Almost looks like a decoy.
Just enough water left to swim a bit.
Duck food is sold at the General Store. Kids love to feed the ducks.
Little troublemakers!
Creek between lake & Johnsondale Boulevard.
Ground Squirrel
What you looking at?
Bobcat at the Dock - Looks like he wants "Duck" for lunch.
Doe with fawns.
Bobcat in the snow by the old school.
Lots of Squirrels
Beautiful female mallard.
Ducks on their way to the dock in winter.
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Located in the Southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains in a former logging town known as Johnsondale, R-Ranch in the Sequoias is a tranquil mountain vacation resort for the year round enjoyment of its member owners.