Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, horseback riding or just relaxing in the crisp mountain air, R-Ranch in the Sequoias has something for everyone. With over 80 ranch vacation cabins, 200 RV spaces, and tent camping sites,  R-Ranch accommodates anyone from the casual camper to the seasoned RVer. Set in the historic logging town of Johnsondale, California, R-Ranch boasts 750 acres of private property. It’s a great way experience an old-fashioned way of life, and take a break from the modern daily grind.

All the amenities and activities listed on this website are included in your yearly assessment fee. For a lot less than the price of a one week vacation, you may enjoy many weeks of vacation here per year!

Your ownership share may be passed down to future generations to come. People who have enjoyed R-Ranch during their own childhood are now proud owners themselves!

Share Price $4,999. + Annual HOA Dues

Please provide your contact information and the R Ranch team will reach back out to you!
– Tours are available –
You can also call the R Ranch Owners’ office during normal operating hours at 760-376-3713 to learn more about R Ranch Ownership and tour schedule.

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