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Remembrance c. 1990’s

We are all wired to commit what we see/hear/feel/taste/smell to memory.  What heightens the pleasure (or its opposite) of an occurrence is how we experience it . . . and to follow that logic, our experience would color how we remember.

We’ve always passed the ‘back way’ since we get to immerse ourselves in nature earlier than our arrival at R-ranch.  From Los Angeles, we take the Fwy I-5 to the Fwy 14 north towards Lake Isabella.  Sometimes, when we leave the city early enough, we would take time to swing by the lake.  But more often than not, we get too excited to reach our destination so we do not make any detours – unless it is to revel in the beauty of the outdoors – the beauty of the scenery, the soft breeze that would caress our cheeks . . . and, most of all, the loud silence that envelops us and can be heard all around us.  NATURE!

Most of you would have heard from someone that “It is the road taken that matters, not the destination.”  I would have to say that the odds are, it is the destination that entices one to make that trip.   This is the case for my family of 2 adults and 3 children who have driven to this mountain retreat for so many years.  The attractions abound, and so does the people who took advantage of what R-ranch has to offer.  To name a few –

Fish to your heart’s content.  The man-made pond is stocked with fish on a regular basis.  Early risers may be seen up and about the pond with their fishing rods and bait – which are both available at the General Store.

Twilight walks result in restful sleep.  Explore the areas where the cabins are but make sure to bring your flashlights with you.

Bonfires at night.  Listen to the soft crackling of dry wood as the tongues of fire engulf them – producing that burnt smell that is ridiculously but voluntarily inhaled by those around it.

Kid friendly activities include paddle-boating on the pond, horseback riding, organized hikes, shooting ranges, swimming pool, and rec room to gather.

Featured bands at the dancehall for those who prefer to exercise to the beat of country music.  This is where my children – aged 6, 8 & 10 – learned the Two-Step!

Horseback riding.   Those early morning rides going on the trail that led us closer to Nature at its best.  The pine scent that permeates the path, the soft fog that lingers atop the trees, and the chirping of the birds we disturbed as we passed – priceless!

And these were then . . . and now –

I can’t wait to visit on a regular basis again after so many years . . . with my 3 grandchildren – aged 4 months, 8 & 10 years old.