R-Ranch is proud to offer over 80 ranch vacation cabins for use by its owners. Some of the cabins have been completely restored with a modern flair, while others have retained their historic and rustic charm.

Cabins are open to all owners. If you’d like to reserve a cabin, please give us a call at 760-376-3713

Cabin Amenities

Grizzley Hill Cabins 101-119

Loggers Hill Cabins 151-161

Stone Street Cabins 303-313

School Street Cabins 314-339

Skunk Hollow Cabins 345-349

Main Street Cabins 200-215

Main Street Cabins 216-236

Main Street Cabins 240-252

Cabins ownership in the Sequoias

Main Street Cabins 253-266

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Located in the Southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains in a former logging town known as Johnsondale, R-Ranch in the Sequoias is a tranquil mountain vacation resort for the year round enjoyment of its member owners.