School Street Cabins 314-339

Cabin #314

Cabin #314: 3 Bedrooms, Sleeps 10: 2 Bunks, 2 Twins, 1 King. Forced Heat, 2 Bathrooms, Oven. No RV Parking.

This cabin has been used for old store racking and products for over a decade.  It has been recently been cleaned out and adopted by new owners.  It is a really nice cabin right behind the store and should be available for owners to reserve come Spring 2022.  


Photos will be posted soon!

Cabin #315

3 Bedrooms, Sleeps 8: 2 Bunks, 2 Singles, 1 Double. 40 FT RV Parking.

Cabin #331

3 Bedrooms, Sleeps 12: 4 Bunks, 1 Double, 1 Queen. Forced Heat, 2 Bathrooms. 40 FT RV Parking.

Cabin #333


Cabin #335A

1 Bedroom, Sleeps 3: 1 Single, 1 Queen. Oven. No RV Parking.

Cabin #339

2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 4: 2 Single, 1 Queen. No RV Parking.

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