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Fire Station

The property has a complete fire hydrant system throughout and has been determined by the Forestry Fire Battalion Chief to be very defensible if there is a wild fire danger.  

During past wildfires, the forestry service sets up a base camp at R-Ranch in Johnsondale because we are close to the highway so it is easy to get and out, we have a lake filled via ground water and a fully-functional hydrant system.

During the 100,000 acre Windy Fire of 2020, the forestry fire service was able to create a “black line” around Johnsondale which will help protect us if there are any future wildfires.  We had not lost any structures to wildfires since R-Ranch’s inception in the late 1980’s.

R-Ranch was home to the Johnsondale Volunteer Fire Department, complete with an antique fire engines.

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Located in the Southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains in a former logging town known as Johnsondale, R-Ranch in the Sequoias is a tranquil mountain vacation resort for the year round enjoyment of its member owners.