Ranch Manager's Report 

Kelley Kemp  

November 2, 2018 

Greetings Owners of the R-Ranch in the Sequoias,

Today we are celebrating Halloween at the Ranch and the cabins up Main and Stone streets are amazing! An indication of the change that is happening here that is revealed, not only in the enthusiasm of the Owners participating this weekend, but also in the number of owners who are using the property so far this fall. This year’s waiting list for Halloween is over a page long and last year’s was about half a page and the year before that was about a third. When I saw that, I saw a pattern. Last week we had around fifty cabins occupied and only three were Owners staying to this weekend. The cold times of year are getting busier, the summer is getting fuller more often. Young families are buying in as long-term Owners must let go for a variety of reasons. But with this, the repairs to the Ranch and its upkeep are continuing and moving to a healthier state and a better property to offer Owners.
Twenty-nine years ago, a few people launched a development and financial endeavor with an intent to make money by providing a unique recreational opportunity to the public. What I doubt they truly understood was just how much of a memory making wonder they had created. Granted, not all those memories have been rainbows and unicorns, but a massive amount have been. So many of the Owners who have been here from the beginning tell me how this place holds some of the most important memories of their families and as those first Owners’ children and grandchildren come here and are buying into the Ranch, fresh faces anticipating fresh memories are seen in their children.
The past few years have been a turning point for the Ranch and it’s not about going a whole new “different” direction but about heading back to some of what this place had to offer nearly every weekend in the early days. However, it is also about bringing some fresh ideas with those fresh faces to head into the future for another three decades. This will be a slow but steady process and we have some great employees helping to move this along. We have acquired a wagon with a draft horse and two harnesses which you should see today on Main Street. The pool equipment rework will begin after Halloween as will the winterizing of the RV Campground and some of the cabin areas. A few tougher kayaks and a canoe have been donated from Camp Whitsett and will be available for use soon. Maintenance has had over 200 work orders since September 1 with work ranging from fourteen water leaks of various kinds and eighteen broken doors or windows to at least sixty-five trailer moves which take an average of thirty minutes each way.
We are entering the winter season and will have our minimum staff, but we have a lot to work on and a lot of planning and preparation to be ready for the next season. We will be spending time bringing more of the procedures up to spec with California requirements and bringing a couple things back from the past next spring. We will begin working on the lake as, yes, the permit work for the state has been finalized and they will be sending us our maintenance agreement in the next month or so. I understand you have placed the operations of this amazing place in my hands under the direction of the Board and I know we all want to help keep the Ranch thriving and healthy going forward. Your participation by reading the emails sent, answering the surveys and giving me or the Board your thoughts and sometimes even a “piece of my mind!” helps fill in what you Owners are thinking, desiring and hoping for. Not saying anything doesn’t help ensure your ideas or opinions are considered in the big picture.

I am looking forward to what this next year brings, I have a feeling it is going to be memorable!

Your Ranch Manager
Kelley Kemp