We are so happy that you will soon be visiting the R-Ranch in the Sequoias! To ensure convenient and expedited check-in upon arrival, please be sure to print and complete the Hold Harmless Form and bring one copy for Security AND a second copy for Stables if you are going to ride horses during your stay. Non-owners will have to have your affiliated owner information on the forms and can only be on the ranch while the owner is present. Additionally, if non-related minors are coming, we need to have the Authorization to Consent To Treatment of a Minor Form signed by the non-related minor’s parent or legal guardian before they can participate in any of the R-Ranch activities on property. The medical release should also be brought as two copies, one for Security and one for the ROA Office and will be placed in the responsible owner’s file.

Authorization to Consent To Treatment of a Minor 

Hold Harmless Agreement 

Group Reservation Forms

R-Ranch Declaration of CC&R’s

R-Ranch ByLaws- Updated August 2020

R-Ranch Rules & Regs