General Questions

Check-in Monday through Saturday is 2:30 pm.  Check-in Sunday is 4:00 pm.  Check-out Monday through Saturday is 12:00 pm.  Check-out Sunday is 2:00 pm.

Yes, the guard shack has a credit card machine.

Board meetings are usually on the 4th Saturday of every month except December which is usually a black out month.  Check eblasts to up-to-date notifications.  Only owners are allowed – no guests. 

Please email for eblasts and the office to make sure we have your correct email address and to report any new email address.   Hilary is our board secretary and creates the eblasts.  She will be happy to add you.  Also, please check your junk/spam folder and add Hilary’s email address to your address book so eblasts will go directly to your “in” folder.

Please contact our “Complaint Department” which is Ranch Foreman, Bill Lidyoff, or a board member, or all board members.,,,,,,  We ask that you not use social media to register a complaint before you speak with us.  Social media is not the place to discuss ranch business.

You can let the office know, or Security, or you can fill out a work order at the office.

You can get an owner’s ID card at the office or have one replaced for $5.00.  You must always carry your card while on the Ranch.  You will receive 10% off at the store and restaurant when you show your ID card.

If you pay your assessment in full by January 15th of each year, you receive 12 free guest passes to use for your guests.  These are “virtual” passes which the office keeps on your account.  When you make a reservation, let the office staff know that you wish to use them for your guests.   

Winter guest rates (September 15th to May 14th) are $10.00 per adult per night and $5.00 for children between 7 and 17 years of age.  Children under 6 years old are free.  Summer guest rates (May 15th to September 14th) are $20.00 per adult per night and $10.00 for children between 7 and 17 years of age.  Children aged 6 and under are free.  Should you decide to purchase a share, these pre-paid fees will be deducted from your total.    Guest fees are paid to Security when you arrive at the Ranch.  Any unused guest fees will be carried over to the following year.  Owners may give other owners their unused guest passes.  There is a form that the giver fills out and submits to the office.  (See “FORMS”). 

As soon as the weather turns cold, the pool will be shut down for the winter as it is very costly to heat due to the temperature drop.  The spas are always open. 

If we are totally booked, you may ask to be put on a waiting list.  Once a cabin becomes available, staff will go down the list and make phone calls starting at the top of the list.  If you do not answer the phone call or have changed your mind, staff will continue going down the list.  It is common for owners on the waiting list to eventually retain a cabin reservation as it  is common for owners to cancel a reservation.

Yes, you may.  We charge $120.00 annually and you must improve and keep the campsite looking good, including raking all around.  (Please see Campground Rules and Forms.)

Yes, but only if an owner stays with the guests.  The owner cannot book more than one cabin.  A group cabin that sleeps up to 20 would work.  If other owners are attending and staying in additional cabins with guests, that is permissible. 

You need to have at least 12 people and not more than 20.  Group reservations may be made up to 90 days before arrival.  There is a Group Reservation Form you must complete and sent to the office for board approval. (See FORMS).  Send her the buyer’s contact information. 

Pets are only allowed on the campground side of the Ranch and must be always on a leash when outside if they are not within a fenced area in the campground site.  Only service animals are allowed in the cabins and cabin areas.  Please see “Rules and Regulations”.  

Yes, children under 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.  We have had children do great damage to the Activities Center on numerous occasions because they were unsupervised.  Since then, we have installed security cameras. 

No, only charcoal and propane may be used to BBQ.  The only place you may burn wood is on the beach in the fire rings.  If you are caught burning wood in a BBQ, disciplinary action may be imposed. 

Guest passes allow you to bring guests with you for free.  One guest pass per guest per day. Children aged 6 and under do not require a guest pass and are free.  Grandchildren under the age of 17 are free and do not require guest passes.   If you pay your assessment in full by January 1st, you will receive 12 free guest passes.  If you pay semi-annually by January 1st and May 1st, you get 6 free guest passes.  Unused guest passes are rolled over each year.  When you call to make your reservation, let the office staff know you would like to use guest passes for your guests.  They will deduct the number you use, from your account.  There are no paper passes.  If you do not use guest passes for your guests, you must pay applicable guest fees to Security when you check in. 

There is no swimming in the lake.

No, board meetings are only open to owners.

No, you must have checked out and be off the Ranch to make another reservation.  You must be off the Ranch for at least 7 days before you can come back for another stay.

Yes, on a horse-available basis.  The ROA will give owners priority as guest usually outnumber owners.  Guests must be accompanied by the owner.  Horseback riding reservations can be made in the morning the day you want to ride.

You must talk to the Head Wrangler and demonstrate that you are an experienced rider.  Then you may go on a trail ride without wranglers or other owners.  We do not encourage owners with trail cards to ride alone so you may want to go with another trail card holder. Trail cards are $25.00.  If you are not an experienced rider, the Wranglers can teach you how to bridle and saddle a horse and safely ride a horse.  This may take some time, but they do provide this service to owners when time allows.

Your child must be at least 10 years old to go on a trail ride and children must wear helmets.

We highly encourage a $20.00 donation which goes toward the Stables budget. The stables guest pass should be purchased at the Security Shack and given to the stables staff when showing up for the ride.