R-ranch in the sequoias

R-Ranch in the Sequoias.

In late 1984, Great Western Ranches, a Nevada City, California company, purchased Johnsondale from REDE. R-Ranch in the Sequoias became a division of Great Western Ranches. Richard Malott was the general manager of the project, and Jeff Dennis was the president of the company. Dick Burns of Richard L. Burns & Associates in Rolling Hills Estates represented REDE at the end. He said, “We must have had about 200 qualified people who wanted to buy Johnsondale. But Jeff Dennis was an ironclad buyer and had a track record longer than anybody in the business. And he was the only one who didn’t want to level the town.”

R-Ranch in the Sequoias, opened in 1989, became the fourth R-Ranch developed by Jeff Dennis. The other three are:

  • The original R-Ranch in Siskiyou County, seven miles from the California-Oregon border, adjoining the Klamath National Forest.
  • R-Ranch at the Lake near Lake Berryessa in Napa Valley
  • R-Wild Horse Ranch in Tehama County.
Today R-Ranch in the Sequoias continues many of the historical traditions. Many artifacts and photographs are preserved in a small museum at the Ranch. To discover the modern Johnsondale and the recreational lifestyle afforded the owners of R-Ranch, call to schedule a tour.

We welcome the memoirs of past Johnsondale residents as we build upon our historical legacy.