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About The Ranch

Located along the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest in the former logging town of Johnsondale, R-Ranch in the Sequoias is a tranquil mountain vacation resort for the year round enjoyment of its owners. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, horseback riding or just relaxing in the crisp mountain air, R-Ranch in the Sequoias has something for everyone. With over 80 ranch vacation cabins and 150 RV spaces, R-Ranch accommodates anyone from the casual camper to the seasoned RVer. Owners may stay for up to 14 days per visit (30 days for RV sites) with a 7 day leave, based on reservation availability.

Horse enthusiasts enjoy the Equestrian activities available at R-Ranch. We also boast a world class Archery range, gun range, Frisbee golf course, BMX Biking, Adult and youth activity centers (Adult Center has WiFi) are all available to owners and their guests. Located a short drive away, the Kern River and Lake Isabella offer a multitude of activities including fishing, boating and white water rafting. If you would like a relaxing spa experience California Hot Springs is also a short trip from the ranch.

R-Ranch in the Sequoias
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Virtual Tour of R-Ranch In The Sequoias

History of R-Ranch

Before it was a private development, the ranch was the Mount Whitney lumber company town called Johnsondale, California. It is located about 26 miles northwest of Kernville along the Kern River. It is surrounded by more than 866,000 acres of the Sequoia National Forest and Monument at an elevation of over 4700 feet and includes750 acres.

Referred to as "cabins",  more than 80 individual housing units are actually small homes originally occupied by the logging mills workers. These units have been maintained as rustic charming buildings with all of the amenities one would want in a mountain home.  They range in size from one single bedroom to multi-bedroom facilities.

Other building to retain evidence of their original use, such as the restaurant, general store, dance hall, chapel, school building, barns and business offices. Some structures have been converted to provide activities for adults and children. The stable area, or "old towne" as it is called, includes 10 buildings, stalls, storage and other original structures plus a full sized horse arena.

The lake was reconstructed from the original log soaking pond site for the mill , and is 7.5 acres in diameter.

Ranch History

R-Ranch Events

Check out some of the events we hold here at the Ranch! Make sure to make your reservations early!

Holiday Events

Depending upon the season, R-Ranch schedules many different events, competitions, and activities that will entertain the whole family!

Friday Night BINGO

Every Friday Night and Saturday afternoon, BINGO games are held in the Dance hall. $3 per card, and Pull Tabs are also available!

Live Bands

Select Saturday nights include live music and dancing in the Dance Hall! Make sure to check the Events page for dates!

Board Meetings 

Monthly Board Meetings are held on the last Saturday each month in the Dance Hall. All owners are welcome to attend! Doors open at 10am.

Ranch Manager's Corner

What's going on around the R Ranch? Here's the latest from Kelley Kemp, R-Ranch in The Sequoias Manager

 Manager's Report!


We are so happy that you will be coming to the R-Ranch in the Sequoias. To make your arrival smooth, please be sure to print and fill out the “Hold Harmless Form” and bring one copy for security AND a second copy for Stables if you are going to ride horses. Non-owners will have to have you owner friend’s information on the forms and can only be on the ranch while the owner is present. Additionally, if non-related minors are coming, we need to have the “minors medical release” signed by the non-related minor’s parent or legal guardian before they can participate in any of the activities such as horse riding, archery, boating, gun range and paintball/airsoft. The medical release should also be brought as two copies, one for security and one for the office and will be placed in the responsible owner’s file.



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